South Tampa is notorious for many things: amazing local food, hopping nightlife, Ed-Hardy loving guys and most recently, frozen yogurt (froyo). There are froyo stores on nearly every corner, about as often as you might expect a certain coffee shop. The difference is, we’re not complaining.

My dear friend Rachel is a fellow addict, as is our friend Stephanie. We’ll visit Yogurtology on our lunch break and spend entirely too much time mulling over which candy bars to indulge in. We’ll pop over to You Say When Yogurt Shoppe just before closing … and sometimes spill the cherries. We hit up D’Lites for a quick taste of that sweet, tart treat.

This ain’t your mama’s TCBY, people.

There’s something so silly about grown people playing with sprinkles and gummy worms, giving into a sugar fix that brings us to rushing highs and then crashing lows. For less than $5 a trip, we can feel like kids again and delight in a sinful pick-me-up.

My favorite thus far was from Yogurtology: peanut butter swirled with chocolate, topped with Nutella and flavored gummies. If you indulge in this addiction, what’s your most fabulous froyo concoction? And if you don’t, what are you waiting for?

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