Make a Splash

Hurricane season doesn’t technically start until June 1. For anyone who lives in Florida, you know that The Sunshine State doesn’t give a shit about what month it is. The rain and wind batters down, issuing hurricane, tornado and other emergency alerts without warning.

So what better way to battle Mother Nature and her little temper tantrums than with stylish fare to splash through the puddles in? Here are some of my favorite picks to cure the rainy-day blues:

Jeffrey Campbell Flats

These waterproof flats are from Jeffrey Campbell, and cost less than $30. I originally purchased them for a study abroad to Ireland, but they’ve served well on every stormy day since.

DKNY Trench

This DKNY trench is perfect, whether you’re dodging raindrops or splashing down the street. It’s cozy and best of all — machine-washable. Plus, it’s a steal at just $99.

Totes Umbrella

I fell for my paisley umbrella from Totes a few years ago, and I love how portable it is. A word of warning, though: It doesn’t stand up to huge gusts of wind as much as I’d like. However, it does a great job at keeping me dry when running from the car to the office.

Finally, you’ll need a bag to carry all of your belongings without fear of them getting soaked. Try this adorable owl pouch from aprilandme. At just 12 Euro (about $24 USD), there’s no reason to pass this one up.

Although it was sunny in my area all weekend, I anticipate thunderstorms throughout the workweek. At least I know I’ll be stylish as I fend off April showers. Take that, Mother Nature!

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