30 Days of Thanks (Part Deux)

It’s been an emotional week in the Wittyburg world, so forcing myself to think of things I’m thankful for has proven quite cleansing. Presenting seven more little bits of gratitude:

  • 8. Veterans, because we owe them a lifetime of gratitude for their service.
  • 9. Fall candles, which are keeping my apartment smelling as cozy as ever.
  • 10. The Target Lady on SNL, because she loves “cayn-dles” and I love her for it.
  • 11. My closest co-workers, who help me to find the silliness in everyday situations.
  • 12. Pinterest, for keeping the attention of this self-diagnosed A.D.D. sufferer. (Let me know if you want an invite!)
  • 13. USF, for FINALLY getting a Big East win this football season — praise it!
  • 14. “Dumb and Dumber,” because it’s the one movie that will make me laugh no matter what I’ve gone through.

I’m hoping the roller coaster of emotions I’ve recently experienced is coming to an end soon. In the meantime, watching Harry Dunne, Lloyd Christmas and Target Lady will just have to do (darn).

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