WO: Weekly Obsessions

I don’t know if it’s the glow of the computer screen or the acrylic-paint fumes from handcrafted ornaments, but I’m feeling decidedly at ease this evening. To ensure I’m still breathing, here’s what’s keeping my blood pumping this week:

  1. Aaron Rodgers: He already meets the criteria for my future husband — his last name is shorter, easier to spell and higher in the alphabet than mine. Plus, I already know I look good in green and yellow. Double-check, indeed.
  2. Michael’s: I’m actually Public Enemy No. 1 of this store, as it took me four trips in as many days to get the correct supplies. Whoever thought handmade ornaments were a good idea is seriously disturbed. (Hint: It was me.)
  3. Holiday Cards by Drew Wallace: Nothing says “Christmas spirit” like a little snark and sass added to your holiday greetings. These pieces from Drew Wallace take the fruitcake.
  4. Shit Girls Say: The Twitter account has gone viral in this first episode of, well … stuff we ladies declare all too often. The only downside is having to see and hear Juliette Lewis for 10 seconds too long.

 What’s my password?

Images courtesy of: The Goddess Blogs, Crystal and Comp, Drew WallaceThe Savoia

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About Wittyburg

Sarcastic, sports-obsessed writer & FL native navigating SF.

4 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. Lauren With a Twist says :

    I wish I had your patience for homemade crafts. Just cutting a piece of paper is tortue to me!

    • Wittyburg says :

      It’s one of those good-idea-until-you’re-elbow-deep-in-glitter projects. I was glad to finish on time, but I’ll have to rethink my ambitions next year!

  2. Maggie May says :

    I enjoyed see Drew Wallace’s work – what a genius. And Aaron Rodgers is welcome in the famdamily any time 🙂

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