Adios, 2011

Whether you’re new ‘round these parts or have been a devoted follower since the beginning, you’re likely aware that 2011 has had its fair share of ups and downs. And while I normally avoid looking to the past too much, it’s only appropro that I recount this year’s memorable moments.



  • Celebrated VD Day with a close friend, pizza and wine … lots of wine.
  • Had Jimmy fixed three times in one week, marking the beginning of a year full of repairs.


  • Celebrated Slick Rick’s birthday with a spring training game for the Yankees.
  • Crumpled my March Madness bracket by round 2 and lost my marbles.
  • Brother proposed to Almost Sister, and they set a date for November 2012!


  • Continued my clumsy ways in the world, and surprisingly, did not end up in the hospital.
  • Drove back to the Dirty for some pinochle and family time over Easter weekend.


  • Watched my cousin, Shannon, graduate from Stetson University — way to go, cuz!
  • Dropped more moolah on repairs for Jimmy.
  • Toasted Memorial Day with a salute to summer.





  • Traveled to Chicago for the first time and cheated a little bit on San Fran.
  • Was a bridesmaid for good friends in a beautiful wedding overlooking the beach.
  • Remembered the lives lost in our nation’s biggest tragedy.
  • Cheered Brother on in his 300th beer at The Brass Tap, and celebrated his birthday in style.
  • Cruised to the Bahamas, and had a belated birthday celebration for Magz.
  • More repairs for Jimmy ensued.



  • Gave thanks over 30 days, reminding myself of all that I’m blessed to have in my life.
  • Attended back-to-back weddings and celebrated the love these couples share.
  • Jimmy returned to the shop, and he made his first trip to a body shop.


  • Wrote a very detailed letter to Santa and decked my halls.
  • Was selected Rookie of the Year for my company — fantastic surprise.
  • Rediscovered my love for all things ballet.
  • Concluded my all-star reputation with the auto shop … and more repairs for Jimmy.

If you’re still with me, then you can see that this year was nothing short of a roller coaster. I’m hopeful for what 2012 will bring, and I’ve got a few resolutions up my sleeve to make it a better year than this one.

Many thanks to all who read and comment and share — you are my everything.

Till next year … Cheers!

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Sarcastic, sports-obsessed writer & FL native navigating SF.

6 responses to “Adios, 2011”

  1. Lauren With a Twist says :

    Wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe new year, my friend! Continue to kick ass, Seabass!

    • Wittyburg says :

      Thank you muchly, my dear! I can’t wait to see what this year will bring, as well as what I’ll bring to it — and I so look forward to seeing all of the adventures on LWAT 🙂

  2. Maggie May says :

    So many memories – hoping 2012 brings much happiness, good health and a wealth of fun posts! Love you Baby Girl.

  3. rachel says :

    happy new year’s to my dear frand/twin sister, ‘mander!! i’m excited to spend the day – and night – with you!! good times are shore to come 🙂

    • Wittyburg says :

      If the rest of the year is anything like the way we kicked it off, well then we’re in for one heckuva ride! We are sure to give 2012 some hell, sister frand!

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