WO: Weekly Obsessions

This hump day has pretty much kicked me in my hypothetical balls and rubbed my face in dirt — just for good measure. The Band-Aid to my wounds? These four lovelies:

  1. USF: I’m always obsessed with my Alma Mater, the University of South Florida. But this week, we have two guys going to the Super Bowl (you down with JPP?), and our Tampa campus hosted the GOP debate Monday night! GOOO BULLS 🙂
  2. Gasparilla: The annual pirate invasion of Tampa Bay began last week, and this weekend is the piece de resistance — an all-out boozefest, with beads and beards alike! Yo ho, yo ho.
  3. Squaresville: This South Tampa hidden gem is a one-stop shop for all of your vintage needs. From Golden Girls coozies to pirate-themed tanks, they’ve got it. Just beware: The owner’s snark takes some getting used to.
  4. “This City” by Patrick Stump: I actually can’t stand this song, but I figure since I’m so enamored with Tampa this week, I might as well celebrate it. Learn it, live it, love it.


Signing off before anything else goes wrong tonight … I think Brian Williams said it best Monday:

Images courtesy of: OneDayIWill, DJKConn, Squaresville Tampa, ClizBeats

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