WO: Weekly Obsessions

Now that our blood-sugar levels have reached extraordinary highs and those gorgeous bouquets are starting to look sad, it’s time for your weekly dose of random.

  1. These Shoes: My monthly picks from Shoedazzle are usually pretty cute, but this month’s Mulberry wedges just begged to be bought. Took them for a test run today, and they’re simply perfect.
  2. Advocating for USF: The Florida Senate has proposed cutting $128 million (or 60%) from my Alma Mater’s budget, and — whether it were USF or any other institution of higher learning — I find it appalling. Take action here.
  3. “Humpty Dance”: I wake up with a song in my head each day, so it’s no surprise that this was today’s. It’s been playing on constant loop, just rolling around the ol’ noggin … why not celebrate it?
  4. The Cast of “Greek”: The show ended last year, but its cast is doing well — Evan Chambers stars in “Are You There, Chelsea?,” Katherine is part of Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros,* and Beaver was on “Glee” and Dale on “New Girl” this week! Just makes me wonder what Cappie and Casey are up to?

Hope you’re all surviving the VD Day hangover and haven’t succumbed to a chocolate-covered coma.

The extra sound effects absolutely make this song.

*Special thanks to my good friend, April, who pointed out this fun fact!

Images courtesy of: Shoedazzle, TBO, Noir Gossip, Playing in Traffic Records

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