WO: Weekly Obsessions

It wouldn’t be a complete week in Wittyburg world without a smattering of girly, betchy, A.D.D. madness!

  1. Betches Love This: I just discovered this site, thanks to a fabulous co-worker who has an appreciation for all things snarky. My favorite features so far are The Bachelor Recaps and Betch of the Week. Fieeeerce.
  2. March Madness: It’s that time of year again where I cry simultaneous tears of joy and utter despair. Can’t wait to lose my shit as my bracket gets ripped to shreds. Christmas come early!
  3. A Floral Dress: Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. I get it, Miranda Priestly, but I broke out one today with nude pumps and it’s become my favorite new “old” piece.
  4. Draw Something: Downloaded more than 20 million times, this app is entirely addictive and brings a whole new level of distraction to my phone. Thanks to a good friend for showing me the light.

May all your bracket picks be winners and your drawings be guessed. Cheers!

Images courtesy of: Betches Love This, How Stuff Works, The Fashion Police, Latest Android Apps

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Sarcastic, sports-obsessed writer & FL native navigating SF.

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