I Loathe Technology*

I had a super awesome and incredibly witty post ready to go this evening, but then WordPress decided it hates my guts and isn’t allowing pictures to upload properly.

So, you’re welcome, world. You now get to read a forlorn saga about how much I loathe technology:*

  • My work computer is riddled with problems, and I’m fairly certain the IT department would rather I work from a Speak & Spell than have to deal with my weekly (sometimes more frequent) requests.
  • I have to keep my phone in an Otterbox, and I’ve still managed to rip one case and break another in less than two years.
  • It’s rare that I arrive somewhere new on the first try. Any interaction with GPS involves at least three wrong turns and about 300 expletives.
  • I’ll Google and IMDb the shit out of anything, creating a dependence on search engines and ignorance of the part of my brain where I think of it on my own (is that the medulla oblongata?).
  • My local cable company is most certainly sick of my phone calls re: Internet connection, DVR not recording, DVR being wiped clean for no reason, etc.

So while I sit and mope over these pictures not uploading, here’s someone who loves technology enough to make a song about it:

May God have mercy on your soul, Kip.

*Except that without today’s technology, I’d get lost a lot more and not know as much movie trivia and be a way worse person in general.

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2 responses to “I Loathe Technology*”

  1. Holly Rotter says :

    If you tell Otterbox that your case broke, they’ll send you a new one! Just sayin

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