WO: Weekly Obsessions

Well, well, well. It’s Wednesday, it’s raining and I worked late tonight. Anyone else feel like they’re living Groundhog Day over and over again? Anyone? Bueller? I give up.

  1. First Day of Summer: You wouldn’t know it from today’s weather, but it’s officially SUMMER! Whoo. In Florida, that means it’ll be 100°-plus, instead of the usual mid-90s. Yippee!
  2. Summer Shandy: Nothing refreshes quite like a Leinenkugel Summer Shandy. Weiss beer and lemonade come together for a perfect light and crisp beer to beat the heat.
  3. Pink Chiffon: It’s too hot to wear my typical perfume … it just feels heavy and suffocating. Enter Pink Chiffon, a B&BW staple that’s light, fresh and a smidge girly. Lovely!
  4.  “Want U Back” – Cher Lloyd f. Astro: I normally don’t support any song with “U” in it (my generation is so dumb), but this song just kills me. Just another silly tune to get lost in while driving.

 And there you have it — could be the National Martini Day hangover, but I’m sure glad we made it through together.

Images courtesy of: Patch, eBay, Fint-NY, The Next 2 Shine

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