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Today is my 25th birthday, and I’m overcome with a mix of feelings. I’m happy for this annual celebration’s arrival. I’m anxious over what the next year will bring. And, I’m pensive about this past year’s decisions and dreams that shaped where I am today. My emotions are complicated enough, so this week’s obsessions are simple:

  1. Fireworks: No 4th of July celebration is complete without booms of the rocket’s red glare — although they’ve been canceled enough years for me to know that life does go on. Here’s hoping tonight’s show is spectacular.
  2. New York Yankees: This isn’t a new obsession by any means, but I’m celebrating my freedom to cheer on the boys in pinstripes versus the Rays today. It doesn’t hurt that I met manager Joe Girardi yesterday. Life complete.
  3. My Mani: Colorful and sparkly, this quick nod to ‘Merica has had me smiling all week. It’s only slightly distracting as I type, but beauty is pain, right?
  4. Office Rah-Rah: My company does a great job of celebrating birthdays with ridiculous decorations and spirit. Derek Jeter, yellow mustard and a bottle of wine from a good friend … what more could a girl want?

Hope you all have a safe and happy 4th with your loved ones. Take a moment to thank the servicemen and women in your lives, and remember those who sacrificed everything for our freedom.

Oh, and happy birthday, America (and me)!

Katy, I always feel like a plastic bag.

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