WO: Weekly Obsessions

Anyone else exhausted from this election hub-bub? I’m sure mine has nothing to do with the late-night partying we did for Brother’s fiancée last weekend, or my growing excitement for their marriage to begin this Saturday … surely. Let’s get to it, shall we?

  1. Lisa Frank Pic ‘N Share: Remember how awesome your Trapper Keeper was all covered in Lisa Frank stickers? Well, now you can jazz up your photos with sparkly bears and unicorns! It’s a clunky app, but I love it all the same. Thanks to my friend, Sarah, for the find.
  2. “Top Chef Seattle”:  The 10th season of this award-winning cooking competition promises to be a great one. I met Top Chef Master Art Smith last weekend, and we gabbed about its return — we’re basically besties now.
  3. The Election Is Over: Flori-duh is a disaster, the country is divided and every thought to enter the public’s mind is published on social media. Nothing there has changed, though it needs to if we’re ever going to progress as a country.
  4. Movember: It’s that time of year when the menfolk grow their facial hair in a sign of solidarity to support men’s health issues. Donate to the cause, and stay tuned here for more mo’ updates.


I feel the same way, Abigael.

 Images courtesy of: Tumblr, Bravo, Yahoo!, Movember

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2 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. Magz says :

    Lisa Frank was your favorite! Miss those days – sometimes. And Abigael is just precious!

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