Moose Getting Married

Dear Moose,

I can’t quite believe you’ll be married by this time tomorrow. Even though you said from day one that Stephanie was your future wife, my brain is just now processing that your marriage begins in less than 24 hours.

Nearly all of my childhood memories — as happy as seeing you earn Eagle Scout and as sad as Dad’s stroke — revolve around us being a dynamic duo.

From fights so bad our family questioned us ever being friends to you and Steph taking me in post-college, we’ve managed every level of friendship. We were each others’ most bitter enemies and then the only thing each other had — all within the span of a couple decades.

There’s no doubt in my mind that yours is a marriage that will last a lifetime. The love and respect you two have for each other is admirable, and I know it will only grow as this next chapter begins.

Picture of a Picture = Classy

You’ve been there for every milestone in my life, and I’m so thrilled to celebrate this monumental day with you.

With love –Mouse

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4 responses to “Moose Getting Married”

  1. Moose says :

    The Moose is no longer loose!

  2. rachel says :

    made me tear up!! so sweet, frand. andddd how did i not know his nickname was moose?!?!

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