WO: Weekly Obsessions

Let’s kick this week off with some things I’m not obsessed with: packing, logistics, the unknown and Taylor Swift’s new song (especially because she tricked me into liking it). There, I feel much better. Now onto four finds I’m stoked to share:


  1. Hanukkah: The Festival of Lights kicked off last weekend, so a special shout-out goes to my Jewish friends who partake. Cheers to a blessed holiday celebration – love, your favorite shiksa.
  2. Tacky Sweaters: Our annual work contest is next week, and my bid on a sweet little number is sure to please. Check out these Hanukkah sweaters too — mazel!
  3. Jay Z: I’ve recently had more conversations than is appropriate about trying to meet HOVA, Jigga, etc. Here’s hoping he and BK need a babysitter for little Blue Ivy, mwahaha.
  4. “Ho Hey” – The Lumineers: You’ve heard and fallen in love with this song already, I’m sure. Just catchy enough, with some sweetly simple lyrics to boot.


I don’t know where I belong / I don’t know where I went wrong

 Images courtesy of: eHow, Anyone know? This thing is viral, Rolling Stone, tumblr

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