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Now that I’m a big-time city girl (no, really), I must share the apps I’ve recently downloaded and learned to love. Whether in need of dinner delivery or photo finessing, these free apps are worthy of the prestigious WO nod.

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  1. Seamless: Hungry, but don’t feel like leaving the apartment? Too tired to even speak to another human being?  Then, Seamless is for you: Order from local restaurants with just a few clicks, and enjoy a new food find faster than you can say “Forever lazy.”
  2. EmbarkNYC: Master mass transit and everyday travel in Manhattan (and outlying boroughs) with the help of this easy-to-use app. I prefer it to HopStop, which requires Wi-Fi, AKA it won’t work when you’re underground.
  3. Pic Stitch: I’ve used another photo app for a while and ignored the growing Pic Stitch trend. Silly me, I didn’t realize the craze was merited with simple navigation and special features. I’m now a convert.
  4. This Quiz: OK, so it’s not an app. But I had to mention Tres Sugar’s on-point quiz to determine quotes from “Girls” and “Sex and the City.” The former returns to HBO this Sunday for season 2 and the latter is the definitive single-in-NYC series.

Stay tuned for more frequent updates, as we finally get Internet in the apartment this weekend! The joys of 21st Century living.

Images courtesy of: Silicon Angle, iTunes, iTunes, Tres Sugar

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