WO: Weekly Obsessions

Remember how my one goal last weekend was to pick up a notebook? That’s it. One goal. I failed miserably.

I did, however, manage to accomplish a lot: Errands throughout the city, two birthday celebrations for friends of friends and another fiasco in Brooklyn I won’t soon forget. Oh, and PUPPY BOWL IX.

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  1. New York (Mercedes-Benz) Fashion Week: Any chance of me being productive this weekend is thrown out when you consider the world’s biggest names in fashion will be in my backyard. I don’t even have a yard, but you get the point.
  2. Pandora Radio: My playlists have been lackluster as of late, and I was in need of new music finds. Thank goodness Pandora does all the legwork for me and I just have to hit a little Like or Dislike button to customize my daily soundtrack.
  3. The “Parks and Recreation” Cast: Aubrey steals from Joe Biden. Aziz called Dior by the wrong name. Nick is a woodworker and married to Megan Mullally. Chris stars in “Zero Dark Thirty,” will be a superhero next and married Anna Faris. Oh, and Amy. Sweet, sweet Amy. Need I say more?
  4.  “Let Her Go” – Passenger: Pandora found this little gem for me through my Of Monsters and Men station. I can’t stop listening to it and am officially an addict to singer Mike Rosenberg’s voice. Swoon.

 Images courtesy of: Hip Candy, Apple, Shuffle Function, Last.fm

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3 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. hrotter says :

    You seriously always have the best music recommendations!

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