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Much as I love my new city, I’m thrilled to spend a few days home in Florida. I venture back this weekend for a baby shower in anticipation of my good friends’ first child. I’ve known them for years and was honored to be in their wedding, so I couldn’t be happier to share this celebration with them. Let’s get to the WOs before the tears start.

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  1. “Shameless”: It’s been a long time (like, whole life, long) since I’ve had Showtime. Didn’t even know I was missing this incredible foray into one F-ed up family. I’m so sad the finale is soon, but I know I’ll be keeping Showtime around for its return.
  2. Cucumber Collins: Speaking of heavy drinking, I’m seriously enamored with this simple and refreshing cocktail. It reminds me that spring is around the corner, despite the snowy days we’ve had this week.
  3. Charles Emerson Designs: I was introduced to this site by Rachel, where the jewelry is a perfect mix of classic and trendy pieces. And the prices? Even better.
  4. “Stay” – Rihanna f. Mikky Ekko: I’ve long negated Rihanna, both personally and professionally. Her music + style … just aren’t my style. Enter this song, which I blame for tricking me into thinking it was “Colors of the Wind.” Yeah, on the radio.

Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon?

Images courtesy of: Episode Info, We Are Not Martha, Charles Emerson Designs, Make Wav.es

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