WO: Weekly Obsessions

The highlight of my week was being featured in a company video at our big meeting yesterday. My agent is already collecting beaucoup bucks and I’m making plans to remodel my cube into a trailer. Autographs to the left, dear. But seriously …

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  1. Remembering Iconic Women: Politician Margaret Thatcher, designer Lilly Pulitzer and entertainer Annette Funicello all died within a day of each other earlier this week. Read about their contributions to society herehere and here.
  2. Bryant Park: It finally feels like spring, so I’ve been celebrating with lunch outside at this nearby legend. My personal favorite stop is Tom Colicchio’s ‘wichcraft — made me a turkey-sandwich convert in just a few bites.
  3. Reasons My Son Is Crying: Kids are fickle beings; and though I don’t pretend to understand them, this tumblr account explains why their little boy’s life is so tear-worthy … like suggesting he play with a train.
  4. AT&T Commercials: Now here’s someone who gets children. Most of the series of “it’s not complicated” ads have made me laugh out loud, especially the one below.


Images courtesy of: Shop at Home, Mah iPhone, tumblr, YouTube

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5 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. bensbitterblog says :

    I actually ate outside yesterday too. It was crazy because the day before it was snowing.

  2. Kaley says :

    Love the AT&T commercials. 🙂

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