WO: Weekly Obsessions

Despite taking Monday off, this week is moving insanely slow. I’m ready for the weekend ahead: Yankees game, boozy brunch and — I pray — a mini shopping spree too. Till then, here’s what is getting me through:
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  1. Foley’s: I met a friend for drinks at this Midtown spot recently and loved the whole atmosphere. Dwight Gooden happened to be signing autographs, but the drink specials, food and memorabilia will keep me coming back.
  2. #whatshouldwecallme: OK, this tumblr has to be in my top five all-time. The gifs so perfectly capture everyday situations. My friends send these out regularly, and I highly encourage you to do the same.
  3. essie Ballet Slippers: I’ve been in a nail color rut lately and needed something spectacular for my weekly self-manicure. Enough pizazz to get noticed, but enough polish for the office — no wonder it’s a bestseller.
  4. Miss USA 2013: Sunday’s annual pageant did not disappoint — from Utah’s interview response (video below) to Alabama repping my sorority beautifully and Connecticut’s heartfelt victory lap. My only question: Why was a JoBro co-hosting?

Oh, boy.

Images courtesy of: Twitter, whatshouldwecallme, essieSoftpedia

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7 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. bensbitterblog says :

    I felt so bad for Utah when she said all that. I was like here we go again with viral video….

    • Wittyburg says :

      I thought the same thing — could just picture the YouTube autotune versions and talk-show appearances to come. At least she’s getting her 15 minutes out of it? Oy.

      • bensbitterblog says :

        She was doing really well up to that point too. Such a shame and by the way, I probably couldn’t have answered that question or any question as well in front a huge audience. I don’t know why everyone makes fun of them when most people couldn’t do much better under the glare of the spotlight.

      • Wittyburg says :

        I have to disagree, only because these women know what they’re signing up for.

        I certainly wouldn’t be able to answer a random question in front of a million people, but that’s why I’m not in pageants … certainly not for my lack of talent or affinity for swimsuit wear. 🙂

      • bensbitterblog says :

        Yeah I guess they do sign up for it. And if they win they get pretty awesome perks.

      • Wittyburg says :

        The perk package would be awesome, I just wouldn’t want to go through all that and end up empty-handed.

        Then again, Seth Meyers said it best: These women should aim for 1st Runner-Up, since the winners often have scandals and are dethroned.

      • bensbitterblog says :

        And they all get a fantastic trip to Vegas and a whole lot of free product, even just for making it there. And possibly a viral video if they do a terrible enough answer.

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