WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s safe to say my week has been a challenging one. And while I mourn the last of my Summer Fridays, the coming weekend brings my college bestie to the big city and I. CAN’T. WAIT. Until she arrives, here’s what’s keeping me happy:

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  1. Beck Bennett: This year’s favorite spokesperson was just cast for the upcoming season of SNL, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s hoping he’ll be a standout, along with his Good Neighbor comedy partners, Kyle Mooney and Dave McCreary.
  2. National Bow Tie Day: I fully support this totally-not-made-up holiday, simply because a bow tie should be celebrated. From Huckleberry Hound to Pee Wee Herman himself, the bow tie is a thing of beauty.
  3. College Football: It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeear! I can’t wait to celebrate the return of my USF Bulls to the gridiron. Wear your college colors Friday and vote for Rocky in the Capital One mascot contest — because I said so.
  4. “Royals” – Lorde: Blame it on Pandora. I can’t get this song out of my head, in large part to it being thumbs-upped and me listening to music 50+ hours/week. Excuses aside, I think you’ll love it too.

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About Wittyburg

Sarcastic, sports-obsessed writer & FL native navigating SF.

3 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. bensbitterblog says :

    I have a hard time with college football, because my college didn’t have a football team, I don’t do fantasy and the teams where I live have been terrible for so long. Good luck with your USF’s though.

    • Wittyburg says :

      I’m realizing how few people in NYC care about college football, which is really depressing. I don’t have a pro team but may have to pick one to fit in ’round these parts.

      Sounds like you’re destined to be a baseball or basketball fan, instead.

      • bensbitterblog says :

        Basketball, NBA. Spurs. And they just lost in the most painful way ever concieved in the history of basketball. If you didn’t watch, they were 5 seconds away from winning the championship, and lost it in a close game 7. I have now experienced every cruel game ever.

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