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It’s with a heavy heart I share the following with anyone who’s reading: My dad died Friday after a brief, but badass, fight with cancer. I’ve been home in Florida since that morning and am still in disbelief at how quickly everything happened.

Instead of putting pictures to a collage this week, I’d rather you all get to know my father a bit better. He was one helluva guy who will be truly missed — especially considering an estimated 500 people attended his memorial services last night.

Read his obituary online here, and please consider donating to two of his favorite causes: the Boy Scouts of America and the Academy of Information Technology and Robotics of SCHS.

Dedicated servicemen, volunteer, Scoutmaster, father and husband … you will forever be my first superhero, Daddy.

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7 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. CJ says :

    I am but a complete stranger…however, I have the pain of losing a precious and beloved dad in common with you. So, with that to share, please accept my sincerest sympathy as you mourn the loss of your special Daddy. Tears fill my eyes whenever I think of my own, who I lost 3 years ago. I cling to the hope that I will once again see him again…
    May God Bless and Keep You All…

  2. bensbitterblog says :

    Witty, I’m so sorry to hear that. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this time. I am a big fan of the Scouts as I was an Eagle Scout and was a scout leader a couple of times. He sounds like a great guy. I hope you get time to mourn your superhero. 😦

    • Wittyburg says :

      Thanks, Ben. He was a huge advocate for the BSA, leading many youth to Eagle Scout status and volunteering at a summer camp for well over a decade.

      He was truly a giver, and while we miss him terribly, we were so honored to see how many lives he touched through the years.

  3. Patrick McPadden says :

    Last night was a great celebration for your Father,and people learned a lot about a person they thought they new, he was a great guy,will be missed but never forgotten,picking up pointers from Grammy right now on pinochle!

  4. Magz says :

    And you will always be one of his proudest accomplishments. His Baby Doll, his Mouse. He loved you more than life itself and would brag so much about his “Little girl in the Big City”. You will continue to make him proud. 143

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