WO: Weekly Obsessions

My company holiday party is tonight and I’m moving to a new apartment soon, so I fully blame that for my disbelief: Christmas is a WEEK away. Here are four treats for you to get through the craziness:

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  1. For Your Mistle-Toes!: I usually paint ornaments for co-workers, but I just didn’t have the time to dedicate this year. Luckily, Pinterest is a treasure trove and I could whip up these cuties for my team. Tip for the guys: They don’t need nail polish — try cozy socks, instead!
  2. A Charming Bracelet: My sweet, sweet friend Meghan was so thoughtful to surprise me with a beautiful bracelet to commemorate my dad. The tears still haven’t stopped, but my heart is so very full.
  3. How to Fight a Baby: I don’t know if there’s anything funnier than having a battle with a baby … I actually cried from laughing so hard. If you find it, you are awarded one million points. Check out the video here.
  4. “In My Life” – The Beatles: Continuing in the theme of crying like a (beaten-up?) baby, this song will always bring me to waterworks. Brother danced with Magz to it at his wedding last year, and it still gets me every time.

Cheers to tears & seven days left till Jesus’s birthday!!

Images courtesy of: Ivy in the Bay, Alex and Ani, AdWeekStereogum

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3 responses to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. bensbitterblog says :

    I’m still battling my son almost every day. Just like the Kato battling Cluseau, he attacks me when I get home.

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