WO: Weekly Obsessions

Well, friends … this past week sure has been a doozy. From the relentless snow and rain in NYC to the mountain of work that never seems to get any smaller, guess who’s exhausted?

For example, I had EIGHT meetings today. In fear of losing what little sanity I have left, I present an appropriately themed WO: When you have a bad day. Enjoy — and hope to see ya on the other side.

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  1. “The Best Day” – Atmosphere: The upbeat tune of this NSFW-ish jam helps kick off our playlist. Every day can’t be the best day, so just try to make the best of the crap you’re dealt.
  2. “Bad Day” – Daniel Powter: Well, obviously. It was too easy to not include it! Plus, you know you love this sickly whiny ballad … no judgment if you can’t get through the whole song.
  3. “If You’re Going Through Hell” – Rodney Atkins: Some folks pooh-pooh at country music, but I find it’s some of the most honest and heartfelt music out there. And who doesn’t love a little twang?
  4. “Crash and Burn” – Savage Garden: Any respectable fangirl had this duo headline her tween soundtrack. I would buy literally anything these two are selling. Just look at those eyes!

Images courtesy of: Trak2Trak, Wikipedia, Amazon, Wikipedia

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