WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s been a tough week, you guys. I had the best time with Magz visiting, but she went home right before a good friend of mine here moved back to Florida herself. Couple that with the true New York experience of someone dying in my building, and all I can say is: Next week has to be better.

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  1. Homejoy: I was thrilled to use a Groupon for this cleaning service before my mom’s visit. Sure, my place was clean — but nowhere near “mom clean.” I didn’t particularly love the woman assigned, but there are literally thousands of certified employees to work with in the future.
  2. “How I Met Your Mother” Finale: SPOILER ALERT! I hadn’t watched much of the last 2 seasons, but knew I had to watch Monday’s finale. I was underwhelmed (not just whelmed) and thought it was a total cop-out. DISCUSS.
  3. Bowling with the Bulls: My alumni group is hosting a bowling event tomorrow night at Bowlmor Union Square. All are welcome to help us celebrate the 2013 grads who’ve moved to NYC — check it out!
  4. “The Mother We Share” – Chvrches: A co-worker reminded me of this eclectic jam via one of his many applauded playlists. Makes it easy to zone out and forget about anything going on outside my own little bubble.

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  2. bensbitterblog says :

    I need some home joy. Are they all over?

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