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I don’t know if it’s the above-50 temps or the fact that beer is back in my life, but I’m in a great mood, you guys! Actually, I think it’s that I get to see my FL family and friends this weekend, while I’m back for a kick-ass wedding.

Let’s just keep the party going with these four faves:

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. “Lovesick” – Lindstrøm f. Christabelle: My cubemate makes awesome playlists, and this jam has been stuck in my head on repeat pretty much since VD Day. Enjoy!
  2. Snuff Box: A friend showed me this punny, ridiculous short video the other day, and I about spit up my water through my nose. How’s that for visual confirmation of the funny?
  3. Brian Williams Raps “Gin and Juice”: Jimmy Fallon has done it again, this time with our favorite NBC anchor paying homage to Snoop. Just try to not burst into laughter … it’s impossible.
  4. Muffins: This was one of my first forays into YouTube binge-watching, but my friend aforementioned in #2 had never been formally introduced. His tears of laughter said it all.

Images courtesy of: Moroder Sound ClubA Bit of Matt Berry, Mass Appeal,Youtube

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