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These next few months are sure to be a whirlwind of packing and planning, so I’m gonna try to keep my head on straight as best as I can. Some tricks to help with just that: 

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  1. Long Beach: I spent this past Sunday at a friend’s beachside home, and despite the terrible sunburn, it was one of the most relaxing days I’ve had in a long time. Sand and surf are always good for the soul.
  2. Dominie’s: Another good friend just moved to Astoria, so we had to check out the neighborhood. This cozy bar was the perfect atmosphere for hanging with old friends and meeting new ones, too. Plus, the chalkboard humor is A+!
  3. Smarter Women Stay Single Longer: Ready for a heartwarming tale? Intelligent women are more likely to become spinsters. This article makes various assertions — some I agree with, some I don’t — but I recommend the read regardless. More to come on that later.
  4. Never Stop Dancing: I’ve watched this video approximately 200 times since I first saw it Monday, and it still has me in stitches. Proof that age is a state of mind … keep the boogie fever alive, guys!

I lose it every time he drops the canes.

Images courtesy of Junk Cars Long Beach (ha!), Mah iPhone, Pinterest, Daily Mail

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