WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’ve officially rejoined society and this millennium with working Internet—finally! Go ahead and crack open a beer — it’s only fitting with this week’s theme:

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  1. College Football Is Back: My team is off to a 1-0 start, so here’s hoping we don’t F it up against Maryland this weekend! S-O-U-T-H, F-L-O-R-I-D-A, South Florida, South Florida, Gooooo Bulls! (Never said we were particularly creative.)
  2. Pro Football Is Back: Tomorrow begins the most wonderful time of the year — the pro football season! I’ve been dreaming of pigs in a blanket and cheese dip and soft pretzels since February … because clearly, it’s all about the food.
  3. Fantasy Football Is Back: I’m making up for lost time last season and in two leagues this year. (Plus a pick ‘em pool, but who’s counting?) Obsessing over individual players for the next 4 months will definitely not annoy my friends. Not one bit.
  4. FOOTBALL.: Didja hear? Like a kid on Christmas, I will be that incessant chatterbox and fill up on candy (or beer) to the point of explosion. You’ve been warned.

Images courtesy of: So Flo Bulls, Binge Media, OtterBox, The Fantasy Football Girl

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