WO: Weekly Obsessions

There have been a lot of awful headlines lately — and while I understand the News 101 concept of “If it bleeds, it leads,” I’m particularly tired of hearing all the bad. Here’s my attempt to bring the smallest bit of sunshine to your day:

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  1. Garmin Vîvofit: Santa was kind enough to supply my mom, sister-in-law and me with our very own Garmin Vîvofit activity trackers. We’re in a friendly competition to shed some lbs and have fun while doing it. I don’t love the app, but daily goals and gentle reminders to get moving are super motivating.
  2. Instacart: I loathe the entire act of grocery shopping since moving away from Publix. But thanks to this handy app, I no longer have to muddle through aisles and lug large bags. Pick a store in your area (or Instacart Plus), select your items and set your delivery time. It’s that easy!
  3. Rampage Ivory 50/50 Stretch Boots: In the words of Lloyd Christmas, “Killer boots, man.” These stretchy rider boots are so comfy and lasted well through my 10,000 daily steps 🙂 And at this price point, how can you say no?
  4. “Title” – Meghan Trainor: My favorite songstress of 2014 continues to impress with the, err, title track off her album. Its message couldn’t be more appropriate for my current love (or lack thereof) life. And though people have complained it’s anti-feminist, I think perhaps they’re just not really listening. I say preach, girl!

Audio only … girlfriend needs to get on this music video, stat!

 Images courtesy of: PC Mag, Twitter, Macy’s, Wikipedia

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One response to “WO: Weekly Obsessions”

  1. Magz says :

    Love it, and you! Perfect music selection this week too!

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