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Were your social-media feeds flooded with engagements and baby announcements today … like, more than usual? April Fools’ Day jokes aside, I am over the moon for one very real engagement: my good friend Cosmo proposed to his lady, Natasha, and I couldn’t be happier for them.

And now? A Nashville-themed week of obsessions. I’m still recovering from my friend Meghan’s bachelorette weekend, so it totally counts:

Images Courtesy of Mah iPhone

  1. Yazoo Brewery: What better way to start the weekend than with a brewery tour? Yazoo’s hefeweizen was delicious and refreshing, and I faintly remember enjoying the other seven samples we had, too 😉
  2. Sprocket Rocket Party Bikes: It’s a big trend in Nashville to pedal your way around town with music pumping and drinks flowing. We made the most of this fad with our awesome guide, John, and bartender, Mary. Considering the bride-to-be didn’t make it out after, I’d say this was the most successful activity.
  3. Paradise Park: I was told to check this place out, and we stumbled upon it our second night in Music City. You guys, seriously: This bar brought back so many college memories of cheap beer and live cover bands and dancing like nobody’s watching. Last call came way too soon, and I couldn’t wait to go back.
  4. Grand Ole Opry: As my Instagram caption says, “Take me to church.” The backstage tour of country music’s most hallowed halls was so cool … even Deacon from the ABC show “Nashville” made a (recorded) appearance! I could get used to that.

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