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I’ve been in Florida the past few days, and despite the suffocating humidity and daily thunderstorms, my heart is very full. One thing is for sure: Precious time with friends and family is priceless.

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  1. The Girl on the Train: I’ve been meaning to read this heavily reviewed thriller for a while, and a six-hour flight did just the trick. Full of twists and turns, it blurs the lines of reality and alcohol-induced visions. I could hardly put it down and highly recommend it to fellow bookworms.
  2. Ford’s Garage: This restaurant opened recently in Brandon, FL and is kitschy fun for the whole family. From onion rings served on funnels to a huge tire sink stand, the decor is unmatched. And the food? Simply awesome.
  3. High School Reunion: This weekend finally brings the event I’ve helped plan for a year — dun dun dun! The weather doesn’t want to cooperate, but I’m still confident we’ll have a great time bullshitting and remembering all the stupid stuff we did. Take that, Christy Masters Christiansen.
  4. “Poor Unfortunate Souls” – The Little Mermaid: Obviously, my niece is obsessed with Disney movies. And the cutest thing I ever did see was her bobbing along to their soundtracks. This song is particularly entertaining — she waits quietly all the way through until Ariel sings and then belts it like a diva.

Images courtesy of: Amazon, Ford’s Garage, Hello Giggles, SodaHead

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