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Most of my family is celebrating my cousin Kathleen’s wedding on a five-day cruise to the Bahamas. And while I wouldn’t mind lounging in Nassau, I’m getting over a nasty head cold and would have been awful company anyway. Sure, Amanda. Just keep telling yourself that…

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  1. “The Family”: I was reluctant to add yet another show to my must-see list, but this series, so far, breaks all my rules. And I love it. The premise? “A community is rattled when a politician’s son, who was presumed murdered years ago, returns home.” (IMDb) And that’s just the beginning. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this one!
  2. Spring Has Sprung: Shout out to Daylight Saving Time (now that I’ve adjusted) and the beautiful weather we’ve had lately, because I’m really feeling this springtime thing. We’re still getting a few pockets of rain here and there, but fog retreated and sunshine returned … at least for a little bit.
  3. Foodnited States: Who says you shouldn’t play with your food? This series of fantastic food photographs celebrates a pun for each of our great 50 states. I’m obviously partial to Flo-radicchio and Kale-ifornia, but there are some other really clever creations. Dig in 🙂
  4. “Gone” – Parlour Tricks: My boyfriend and I saw Electric Six this weekend, and while I enjoyed their set (again!), the highlight for me was the opening act, Parlour Tricks. These three songstresses and three dudes on instruments brought fun, energy and excitement to the stage. My fave is “Gone,” but all their stuff is equally infectious.

Images courtesy of: Television Promos, Placerland Trust, Mental Floss, Bar None

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