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I’m really, really ready for this election season to be over; and I’m really, really tired of reading ignorant hate spewed all over the internet. (Fun fact: The New York Times recently got on board with the AP Style change to lowercase “internet.”) All that said, it turns out there are some good things still in this world:

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  1. SOMA StrEAT Food Park: I have the terrible first-world problem of working for a company that provides lunch every day. But, when I’m looking for a mid-day date with my boyfriend that won’t break the bank, this is the place to go. There are tons of options for every palate, and who doesn’t love a good food pun?
  2. The Hot Dog Princess: When a local dance class asked its students to come dressed as princesses, one little lady chose to go her own way. That’s right, she dressed as a hot dog. Anyone else want to be Ainsley’s best friend? Yeah, well… get in line.
  3. To Brock Turner’s Father, from Another Father: You’ve heard, no doubt, about Stanford swimmer Brock Turner — who was sentenced to just six months of prison after being convicted of raping a young woman. His dad’s tone-deaf response was despicable, but this educated response from another father is simply stunning.
  4. John Oliver Forgives $15M of Medical Debt: I already thought John Oliver was an angel, but his latest move takes the cake. He forgave $15 MILLION of Americans’ medical debt, for a fraction of the cost, because he was outraged by the fucked-up structure of healthcare. Take 20 minutes to watch and learn, and God bless the man who just beat Oprah to earn his wings.

Images courtesy of: Frozen Kushterd, Huffington Post, Stanford University Public Safety, Stat News

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