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I remember when I first started these WOs years ago, how I made the genius decision to post them on Wednesdays. “Weekly” and “Wednesday” were a natural fit, obvs. I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with myself on a regular basis for that decision, as I often find myself wondering what day it even is, and I have these WOs to keep my head on straight.

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  1. That Oscars Snafu: As lengthy as the Academy Awards always run, everyone was glued to their sets in the final moments of this year’s show. I loved the snack parachutes, the speeches, the unsuspecting tourists — but all we can talk about is the major mistake by PwC partner Brian Cullinan. And while I’m sure he feels like a total buffoon for botching the film industry’s biggest award, maybe he’ll think twice the next time he tweets. Bonus: Steve Harvey can rest a little easier now.
  2. Erica’s visiting!: My former NYC roomie, whom I met on our study abroad to London and Ireland, comes to visit tomorrow! I couldn’t be more excited to show her around SF and recreate our many gut-busting montages. Whether we’re bottomless brunching, quoting “Clueless” or just generally being hilarious, I have no doubt we’ll have a blast. Sonasaaaa!
  3. Ash Wednesday: It’s that time of year, folks! Not to mention, the most memorable Wednesday of the year. You’ve seen us crazy Catholics, no doubt, parading around with ashes on our foreheads — despite the Lenten lesson being to NOT tell people you’re suffering 😫  I burned my wrist on my curling wand this morning, so it’s safe to say I did not give up swear words. Here’s hoping the next 40ish days are restorative and reflective for us all.
  4. Laugh Tracks – Grief Thief: I’m fortunate to be surrounded by incredibly talented people — one of whom is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and man responsible for the music and lyrics on this album. Have a listen at GriefThief.com, and throw a fiver their way for the full experience. I missed their show last weekend but will be sure to catch the next set… I couldn’t be happier for Richard and the Grief Thief guys!

Images courtesy of: Hollywood Reporter, FB, St. Mark’s, Grief Thief

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