WO: Weekly Obsessions

I can’t contain my excitement for what this week holds, so without any delay:

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  1. WO is 300!: That’s right, this post marks THREE HUNDRED weeks of obsessions! Aside from shouting “This is Sparta!,” I could use some celebration suggestions. And I owe you lovely readers a mountain of gratitude — there were plenty of Wednesdays I wanted to abandon this blog and hide from the world, but you’ve kept me going week after week. 300 thanks to each of you for sticking with me all this time!
  2. Bumble and bumble. Hair Color Stick: As the lucky recipient of two parents with early-gray genes, I dye my hair regularly to cover my roots. It’s an expensive hobby, but one I prioritize over most others. My stylist introduced me to this little crayon of wonder, and it’s been a lifesaver for those final weeks between appointments. You don’t need a lot — just a few dabs can do the trick to revive your tresses and your cashflow.
  3. “The Great British Bake Off”: I’d seen countless memes and lists of why GBBO was worth watching, but hadn’t committed until recently. Netflix has three seasons available, and I was positively hooked. Unlike most (American) competition shows, the contestants have a genuine love and respect for each other. That’s not to say there’s a shortage of drama, though. Presenters Mel and Sue, and judges Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood — those names! — keep it interesting and worth watching down to the last morsel.
  4. “The Toy Box”: My friend April informed me a while back about a show coming soon with the “Apparently” kid, and just shared this trailer with me. Hosted by lovable lad from “Modern Family,” Eric Stonestreet, juvenile judges put toy ideas to the test and the results are hilarious. It’s like “Shark Tank” with kids, but I think we’ll like this panel a lot more than Mr. Wonderful and Mark Cuban.

Images courtesy of: Know Your Meme, Bluemercury, Wiki, MysticArt Pictures

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