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It was recently brought to attention that all of the links I painstakingly include each week are not easily visible from mobile devices. While I’m working on a long-term solution to customize my mobile design, just know I often include links to articles and products I reference, particularly in the image credits. Phew!


  1. “The Glass Castle”: A good (bbhead!) friend of mine recommended this novel and let me borrow it a while back, but I’d done her a disservice and only just started it last Friday while myself and 90,000 other San Franciscans were without power. Even after power was restored, I couldn’t put this book down. It’s a heart-wrenching memoir of a woman’s rough childhood and upbringing, and certainly put things in perspective for me. Bonus: It’s been made into a movie, to be released this year.
  2. Crossword App from NYT: Monday would have been my maternal grandpa’s 87th birthday. Among other things, the New York Times crossword was always a favorite of his — and my mom’s. The crossword app is free, even for non-subscribers, and there are themed puzzle packs for purchase if you’re a super #wordnerd like me. I have a feeling Pop would have stuck to the ol’ ink and paper, but I love feeling connected to him all the same.
  3. José Eber Curling Wand: I never got into the Harry Potter life, so I didn’t believe in magic wands until I met this one. It transforms my unruly hair into glorious beach waves, in no time at all. I’m particularly clumsy, so I have burned myself a few times (yes, even while wearing the included glove). But pain is beauty, right? And, I’m 20 days accident-free… although I probably just jinxed that.
  4. “Sign of the Times” – Harry Styles: Before you get all Judgy McJudgerson on me, you must know I didn’t realize this was Harry Styles until I saw him on last week’s SNL. I’d heard it enough to fall for the addictive crescendo and soulful sound, but I hadn’t placed the voice. So, despite him being the reason 1D broke up and a million hearts broke with it, I can’t get enough of this one.

Images courtesy of: Amazon, iTunes, José Eber Hair, Sidewalk Hustle

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