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The fun part about being in meetings for five to seven hours of the workday means it flies by, often without even realizing how late in the day it is. Yeah, that’s the fun part.

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  1. Coconut Oil: I feel a little bit like the dad from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” here when I champion how coconut oil is kind of a miracle cure. I’ve used it in the past to oil pull for whiter teeth, and a friend recently recommended it to heal a crispy sunburn. And with a nominal cost for a huge tub, I literally can’t get enough!
  2. Refinery 29 Money Diaries: To say I’m obsessed is an understatement. These peeks into anonymous women’s weekly spending is fascinating — they span all over the country (and some international locales), ranges of salaries, couples versus singletons, parents versus not, and so much more. Be warned, though: You will get hooked.
  3. “Crazy Rich Asians” – Kevin Kwan: With money on my mind, it’s no wonder I’ve fallen quickly in love with this fast read. The bestselling book will be released as a movie in August, so you have plenty of time to read it — and the subsequent two novels — before then. Enjoy!
  4. “Sorry Not Sorry” – Demi Lovato: This power anthem is yet another one for the breakup playlist, guys. I may not be turning into Demi anytime soon, but it’s a great reminder after heartbreak or even a friendship ending that you can stay true to yourself while still being strong.


Images courtesy of: Healthline, Amazon, Refinery 29, Wikipedia

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