WO: Weekly Obsessions

Dreams really do come true, people. Wanna know how I know?

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  1. “Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine”: I heard about this novel through fellow word nerds, and could literally see its popularity with the lengthy library waitlist. Luckily, I got a copy just in time for this month’s Book Club, and I promptly devoured it in two sittings. Reese Witherspoon sure knew what she was doing, buying the rights to make a major motion picture. And I’d say author Gail Honeyman is doing just fine.
  2. “Sharp Objects”: Speaking of page-to-screen adaptations, are you all watching this HBO miniseries based off the Gillian Flynn novel? I love Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson and Chris Messina to begin with, but I can’t take my eyes off this dizzying, dark and dramatic tale. Catch it Sundays at 9pm local time.
  3. This Diffuser: I mentioned this godsend on my birthday gratitude list but my appreciation has only grown since then. My nightly ritual now consists of turning this diffuser on as soon as I’m home so my room can be flooded with the scents of citrus, lavender, bergamot or whatever else I’m feeling. It’s ahh-mazing.
  4. “Africa” – Weezer: It all started with a tweet but Weezer made a teenager’s dream come true by covering Toto’s “Africa” (and “Rosanna,” because they’re expert trolls). It’s obviously catchy, or the OG wouldn’t have stood the test of time. And now bros of all generations can scream over TWO versions of the bar-room classic.

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