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This week is far from being less of a dumpster fire, but I’m trying to embrace it and just get on through to the upcoming long weekend. 9 days and counting, folks.

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  1. Candle-Making Class: My SF bestie recently treated me to this awesome experience for my birthday — yes, that’s indicative of how busy we both are. WorkshopSF has plenty of DIY classes to choose from, but I couldn’t think of a better topic for us to tackle. We each made two candles, and personally, I think our scents were the best. #NotBiased
  2. An Exorcist Lecture: When the country’s leading exorcist lives nearby and gives a lecture at your church, you just have to go. I had no expectations going into the night, so imagine my surprise when we had a show within the show! The two elderly women in front of us (in the second row, mind you!) argued endlessly about leaving and provided pure entertainment.
  3. Dogs of the Dogpatch: My dear friend Sarah is one of the most creative and inspiring people I know, and her new series of pup portraits is on display at MiniBar until October 1. We celebrated her opening night last week, where nearly all of the original paintings were sold! Two paws way up, friend.
  4. “Hella Good” – No Doubt: Some colleagues and I were discussing various geographical phrases we can’t shake. Wicked, hella, you get the idea. And while I truly can’t stand the California catchphrase, I also can’t escape it so I might as well embrace it. At least it’s not as bad as Gwen Stefani’s worst work in the history of music, right?

Images courtesy of: Twitter, Assignment X, Sarah Buczek, Wikipedia


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