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Prepare to be overly stimulated this week. Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

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  1. Hurricane Michael Relief: In case you haven’t heard, this deadly storm raged across Florida last week and was the most powerful storm to hit the continental US in 50 years. Thousands are without power, many without supplies or even a home to go back to now. I donated directly to a friend organizing a drive (@JessicaLauther on Venmo), but you can also support via United Way Worldwide and more. Every bit helps these people in need.
  2. Boss’s Day: Without sounding like a totally insensitive douche canoe during this transition, I have to acknowledge my incredible team for their Boss’s Day wishes yesterday. I was showered with appreciation from my small-but-mighty team of 10, and have already put their thoughtful gift to good use. I’m grateful every day to be surrounded by such talented and creative people, and this was yet another reminder of how caring they are, too. Thanks, team!
  3. “A Simple Favor”: I’m often behind the trend on new movies because I don’t like crowds and am super snobby about picking my seat at the theatre. ← See what I mean? I just saw this twisted, darkly humorous take on the Darcey Bell novel and I was floored. Kendrick and Lively make for quite the pair, with outstanding supporting performances by Golding, Rannells and Smart(!). Do yourself a favor and see it.
  4. “Shallow” – Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper: You can’t have gone anywhere the past month without hearing about “A Star Is Born,” Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Bradley Cooper’s dog or this heart-wrenching song. While I have yet to see the movie (remember, I don’t like crowds), I dare you to listen and not get goosebumps. I feel fortunate to have seen Lady Gaga perform when she was in SF last year, and I would pay every damn penny over again to hear her live another time. Uh-may-zing.



Images courtesy of: NPR, Latin Times, IMDb, Nerdist

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