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Back to routines and reality, I keep waiting for the eventual slap in the face January usually brings. It hasn’t happened yet, making me even more paranoid, but could it be? A New Year’s resolution that sticks? A lasting positive outlook? Only time will tell.

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. SAP Center: I hadn’t been to this venue until last Saturday’s Sharks-Lightning NHL game, but color me impressed. From the streamlined security process to massive restrooms (crucial for 20-minute breaks) and pleasant parking attendants, it was a near-perfect night. If only the Lightning had won!
  2. Akira: This sushi spot is a local fave worth reserving a table for. Even without being able to have rice or soy sauce, I gobbled down the grilled octopus, yellowfin nagiri and cucumber roll with delight. A spa-like restroom completes the whole lovely ambiance.
  3. Hydro Flask: You may have noticed my restroom references, and I have this little guy to blame thank. My former team gifted the mint 16 oz. to me and I’m really enjoying the flip top versus my S’Well’s screw-off cap. It makes getting my 100 daily oz. a literal snap!
  4. “thank u, next” – Ariana Grande: I can’t hold out on this grammatical travesty any more — this record-breaking bop is here to stay longer than you can say “I really don’t endorse anything but forgiveness and positivity.” The video is iconic, the chorus is catchy and it’s no wonder why we’ll hear it for a long time to come.

Images courtesy of: SAP Center, Akira SF, Nordstrom, Amazon

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