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I’ve had a nauseated feeling all day and couldn’t figure out why. It’s not food poisoning, the flu, or any other illness. It’s not morning sickness, so don’t even go there. I thought maybe it was from getting too high on my own supply now that we have a couch I can sit on, instead of a camping chair.

And then two friends (and former colleagues) sent me this article [TRIGGER WARNING].

I used to work for this man. He probably has no clue who I am, but I worked for him when his $300 million company had fewer than 200 employees. I danced with him and others at a company event my third week. I posed with him for pictures and hugged him and drank with him and none of this (excuse my French) fucking matters because a teenage girl who trusted him as a family friend was sexually abused and she will forever have to live with that trauma.

I don’t have anything profound to say at the moment, as I’m still processing and can’t even imagine what this young girl has gone through. And will go through. And have to relive and repeat the attack over and over. And defend. And explain. As if she had anything to do with this other than being his prey.

My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to her, which is hardly anything in the wake of her being brave enough to speak out. I can only hope the criminal justice system will do its due diligence and offer some small token of hope for her and the millions of other sexual abuse victims who have the courage to stand up for themselves. #MeToo yet a-fucking-gain.

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