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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Raise your hand if your brackets are busted 🙋🏻 Thanks a heap, Wisconsin and South Carolina. Aside from ripping paper to shreds, here’s what else I’ve been into lately:

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  1. NOT These Boots: San Francisco’s wonky weather patterns continue, and yesterday’s monsoon retired these Chooka rain boots faster than you can say “shit.” I purchased them in 2014, but have worn them no more than 10 times, so it was a total disappointment and waste of money. Here’s hoping these highly rated Sam Edelman booties will serve me better.
  2. Rusted Mule: I was thrilled to celebrate a dear friend’s birthday last night with drinks at Rusted Mule and dinner at The Saratoga. While both were phenomenal, I’m prioritizing Rusted Mule for its newness and happy hour specials. It opened less than two months ago and feels tucked away, while still getting a good mix of people. Bonus: Taco Tuesday was truly tasty and the Yelp reviews are crazy entertaining!
  3. Surprise Meetups: After a killer workout this morning, I was sore but super excited to volunteer at the SF-Marin Food Bank with some co-workers. Little did I know, my former team at was volunteering, too! It was such a pleasure seeing familiar faces — some new ones, too! — and I loved catching up with them all. Giving back + surprise meetups = win-win.
  4. “It Ain’t Me” – Kygo f. Selena Gomez: I had no clue who Kygo was (still don’t) but I DID know this earworm was stuck, stuck, stuck in my head for days on end. I also barely know the difference between Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, but I do know there’s a ton of talent in this tune and you should certainly listen.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Despite being a spoiled brat yesterday, I managed to find four things I like this week. Typical woman … can’t make up her mind. Guys, am I right?

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  1. Nails for Charity: My company supports Bag Hunger year-round, with a huge push in March via raffles, artwork and more. So late last week, I enjoyed a lovely mani from a co-worker and have walked on the wild side ever since.
  2. Opening Day: OF COURSE my bracket was destroyed the first night of March Madness. Thank gah MLB is back so I have something to root for. Got an awesome tank on its way to me too!
  3. Iso in Slo Mo: This YouTube channel features an incredibly cute dachshund doing dachshund things and playing dachshund games — all in slow motion. Just try to keep your squeals contained.
  4. You Don’t Know Me” – Ben Folds f. Regina Spektor: Featured in one of Iso’s adorable videos is this little ditty. Check out the slow-motion version below, or see the official video here … only one (I think) NSFW word.

I bet you’re squealing already.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

My weekend was a perfect mix of old friends and family with new announcements and stories to share. And my workweek began with winning an office raffle, plus unexpected praise. March has been pretty good to me (despite my absolute shit excuse for a bracket). Back to those positive vibes:

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  1. Easter: Obviously. Sunday’s celebration will be bittersweet — I’d love to spend time with relatives, but I’m content to share it with my NY family. And Reese’s eggs. Lots of ’em.
  2. “Wicked Single”: I’m judging myself plenty, but hear me out. This show is supremely silly, chronicling Bahstahn singles getting crazy. I adore Chubs, and poor Nikki can’t stay standing for even half an episode.
  3. Mean Mad Men: Until “Mad Men” returns for its sixth season April 7, the pop culture gods give us this crossover. “Mean Girls” quotes, imagined by our Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce faves. That is so fetch!
  4. Vampire Weekend – “A Punk”: I’m admittedly biased because it mentions my ‘hood, but just try to listen to this song and not swoon. Still grumpy? Watch the video — you’ll either smile or seize.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It wouldn’t be a complete week in Wittyburg world without a smattering of girly, betchy, A.D.D. madness!

  1. Betches Love This: I just discovered this site, thanks to a fabulous co-worker who has an appreciation for all things snarky. My favorite features so far are The Bachelor Recaps and Betch of the Week. Fieeeerce.
  2. March Madness: It’s that time of year again where I cry simultaneous tears of joy and utter despair. Can’t wait to lose my shit as my bracket gets ripped to shreds. Christmas come early!
  3. A Floral Dress: Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. I get it, Miranda Priestly, but I broke out one today with nude pumps and it’s become my favorite new “old” piece.
  4. Draw Something: Downloaded more than 20 million times, this app is entirely addictive and brings a whole new level of distraction to my phone. Thanks to a good friend for showing me the light.

May all your bracket picks be winners and your drawings be guessed. Cheers!

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Adios, 2011

Whether you’re new ‘round these parts or have been a devoted follower since the beginning, you’re likely aware that 2011 has had its fair share of ups and downs. And while I normally avoid looking to the past too much, it’s only appropro that I recount this year’s memorable moments.



  • Celebrated VD Day with a close friend, pizza and wine … lots of wine.
  • Had Jimmy fixed three times in one week, marking the beginning of a year full of repairs.


  • Celebrated Slick Rick’s birthday with a spring training game for the Yankees.
  • Crumpled my March Madness bracket by round 2 and lost my marbles.
  • Brother proposed to Almost Sister, and they set a date for November 2012!


  • Continued my clumsy ways in the world, and surprisingly, did not end up in the hospital.
  • Drove back to the Dirty for some pinochle and family time over Easter weekend.


  • Watched my cousin, Shannon, graduate from Stetson University — way to go, cuz!
  • Dropped more moolah on repairs for Jimmy.
  • Toasted Memorial Day with a salute to summer.





  • Traveled to Chicago for the first time and cheated a little bit on San Fran.
  • Was a bridesmaid for good friends in a beautiful wedding overlooking the beach.
  • Remembered the lives lost in our nation’s biggest tragedy.
  • Cheered Brother on in his 300th beer at The Brass Tap, and celebrated his birthday in style.
  • Cruised to the Bahamas, and had a belated birthday celebration for Magz.
  • More repairs for Jimmy ensued.



  • Gave thanks over 30 days, reminding myself of all that I’m blessed to have in my life.
  • Attended back-to-back weddings and celebrated the love these couples share.
  • Jimmy returned to the shop, and he made his first trip to a body shop.


  • Wrote a very detailed letter to Santa and decked my halls.
  • Was selected Rookie of the Year for my company — fantastic surprise.
  • Rediscovered my love for all things ballet.
  • Concluded my all-star reputation with the auto shop … and more repairs for Jimmy.

If you’re still with me, then you can see that this year was nothing short of a roller coaster. I’m hopeful for what 2012 will bring, and I’ve got a few resolutions up my sleeve to make it a better year than this one.

Many thanks to all who read and comment and share — you are my everything.

Till next year … Cheers!

Puck Fitt: The Saga

The time is upon us once again — the time when I cling desperately to a crumpled piece of paper, when I am anxious and nauseous and can’t control my emotions, when I make everyone around me wallow in my misery too. “March Madness” is so alliteratively angelic, but I prefer to call it “March Sadness” instead.

Year after year, I make my picks. I create a mix of Cinderella stories with longtime favorites. I agonize over one singular matchup to the point of red-faced frustration. I am convinced when all is said and done, that this is going to be the year: I will not fuck this up.

And then it happens.

This year’s dream-killer award goes to Pittsburgh. I put all my balls in one bracket, and I thought that pushing a fellow Big East team to the Final Four would be a cause for celebration. Oh, me of little faith. Pitt screwed the pooch … rather, the pooch screwed Pitt. The Butler Bulldogs came in and crushed all hopes of salvaging my first round’s 22-10 record.

I huffed and I puffed, and all that fell down was my miserable excuse of a bracket selection. Down to the floor it dropped, along with any hopes of winning my pool’s sweet, sweet pot.

This isn’t new for me, so I shouldn’t be surprised. Every year, I do relatively well in the first round. Last year, I was 26-6. Then the second round will come, and all is shot to hell. My championship picks get pulverized, and I curse myself for what could’ve been.

I know I’m not alone here. Which team has made you sad this March? And which teams do you still have left, that you’ll be cursing come Thursday?

Note: For anyone reading who is sitting on winning picks, you know what you can do … and how to get there.