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Witty in Fitty: Florida Prepares for a Hurricane

Hurricane Isaac has come and gone through Florida in a matter of days, leaving a wave of destruction status updates and, if you’re lucky enough, a day off from work. Here’s hoping the other states are just as prepared.

Oh, Tampa.

It’s serious.

Sad, but true.

Witty in Fitty: Father’s Day, Figured Out

I struggle year after year to find something Slick Rick will not only love for Father’s Day, but something he’ll use. He’s a practical guy, so it’s quite the challenge.

Enter the bacon bouquet, courtesy of Our Best Bites:

Best gift ever? No doubt.

Definitely winning Favorite Daughter this year.

Witty in Fitty: Donna Summer’s Last Dance

As you’ve likely heard, Queen of Disco, Donna Summer, died today at the age of 63.

Her battle with cancer ended after an impressive career, including five GRAMMYs and 19 No. 1 singles.

We loved to love you, Donna. And thanks for this amazing video, complete with the best back-up dancer ever:

Witty in Fitty: Case of the Mondays

Today was suuuch a Monday.

I had to work. On Presidents’ Day. And, I lost my badge.

My fists clenched every time my obnoxious cubemate opened his mouth or typed
… or breathed.

I stepped in a “present” from my niece.

Think I’ll follow Alexander’s lead and move to Australia.

Witty in Fitty: That (Weird Tongue) Thing You Do!

As a child, I’d unconsciously rest my tongue on my lower lip to help me focus — usually when playing sports.

My family teased me relentlessly, and I thought I’d forever erased it from muscle memory.

As I wrote out holiday cards this week, it resurfaced.


Stop judging me, Tom.

Witty in Fitty: Braving [Rebecca] Black Friday


For anyone brave enough to fight the masses today, I salute you. Hope it was worth it!

Working retail for a few years means I was asleep well into the sales. And, if you saw any of these ladies … God help you.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes after … wards.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Working late tonight, so here’s a YouTube-only WO*:

                                                 A cat so creepy, I’m staying a dog person

                                               Taco from “The League” at his day job

                                           Dying to see this guy on Halloween

                                            My name is Marcel, and I’m partially a shell …

*Also a Witty in Fitty, but who’s counting?