WO: Weekly Obsessions

Are you ready for a wild ride? Don’t say I didn’t warn you:

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  1. “Girls’ Trip”: It’s no surprise to see a star-studded cast of Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith and Tiffany Haddish straight-up slay the female buddy comedy genre. I finally watched this last weekend and laughed, cringed and guffawed the whole way through. I won’t be that girl (Kate Walsh’s character) but seriously, you must see it.
  2. “The Last Black Unicorn” – Tiffany Haddish: Inspired by Miss Haddish’s performance (and unforgettable SNL episode), I borrowed a copy of her bestselling memoir. Again, I laughed, I cringed, I was gobsmacked. She writes so honestly and from the heart, and you can’t help but read it in her signature style. Do yourself a favor and get a copy ASAP.
  3. “I’ll Be Gone in the Dark” – Michelle McNamara: By now, you’ve likely heard about the infamous Golden State Killer and his capture, thanks to a national DNA database and unrelenting detectives. One such person was Michelle McNamara, who compiled decades of evidence and information to inspire others to theorize and piece clues together. Her book was published posthumously, just a few months before the killer was named. Seriously, this is one you won’t want to miss.
  4. “Making a Murderer” Returns: Hold onto your hats and get ready for the next season of this binge-worthy true crime series. The gripping, thrilling documentary sheds a harrowing light on the criminal justice system, its faults and failings. I’m setting my calendar now for the season to come back October 19.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s nothing short of a miracle for me to post this before midnight on my coast. A comedy of errors and issues got me here, but I’m keeping my promises:

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  1. Phantom of the Opera: I’d never had the pleasure of seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber’s award-winning show until this past weekend. $40 rush tickets were certainly motivating, but I was in awe of the spectacular special effects, costuming, set design and, of course, talented cast. It’s a must-see before it leaves SF on the 30th.
  2. “The Heart Is a Shifting Sea” – Elizabeth Flock: After my last breakup, a good friend recommended I read this true tale of three couples in Mumbai, India. The relationships are complex and fascinating, with cultural and religious considerations, countless characters, and the root of love growing in various ways.
  3. “Mindhunter”: I’m not the last person on earth to binge this Netflix series, but I might be close. After the umpteenth friend urged me to watch, I finally got hooked on this look at the early days of FBI investigators interviewing serial killers — such early days they called them “sequence killers.” It’s chilling, gripping and fascinating all at once.
  4. Copy Me That: While I’m no Top Chef myself, I do enjoy browsing other’s recipes for quick and easy, yet flavorful meals. My sister-in-law introduced me to this handy app, which combs through the (lovely, but lengthy) personal novels and gets right to the ingredients. It can even create shopping lists from the stored recipes and find new ones based on the ingredients you’re getting. BAM!

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

There are approximately 1,913 running through my head right now, but nothing could stop me from posting tonight. At the top of the list is one main thing: National Suicide Prevention Week.

It shouldn’t take high-profile deaths to shine a light on the deep problem affecting millions each year. But I’m relieved to see more information and conversation happening around mental health, depression and measures to prevent suicide rates from rising.

I’m likely not telling you anything you don’t already know, but if you or someone you know is in need, please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Also, 1‑800‑273‑TALK (8255) or Live Online Chat.

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

The pros of a long weekend are pretty infinite, but the one con I can think of is forgetting what day it is for about a week. And maybe, trying to get five days of work done in four. Sigh.

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  1. Pismo Beach: I spent the holiday weekend on a girls’ trip to Pismo and couldn’t have asked for a better time. Between rooftop drinks, delicious dinners, gorgeous views and a packed playlist, it was an unforgettable time. If only we could make the drive down every weekend! A girl can dream, eh?
  2. Nepenthe: On our way down (cue Ryan Cabrera), we stopped a few times for photo ops and pit stops. This was our lunch destination in Big Sur, which provided incredible scenery and tasty bites. It was wise for us to arrive just before opening, as they filled up quickly and reservations were tight. Def do the same if you intend to stop by!
  3. SLO Sailing: Sunday’s main event was a 2-hour sailing trip off the bay and into the Pacific. “Breathtaking” is an understatement. While the waters were rough for a little bit, we thoroughly enjoyed the sweeping views and picture-perfect adventure. We even made a new best friend, Cheryl, who ditched her husband to take the only spot left. You’re my spirit animal, Cher.
  4. Ember: Among our other memorable meals, Ember stands out as a truly wonderful dining experience. The farm-to-table restaurant doesn’t take reservations, but the wait is well worth it. Craft cocktails and a monthly menu piqued our interest, while the helpful staff and friendly husband-wife ownership team kept us smiling. It’s a must if you’re in the area.



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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m currently shrouded in a fuzzy blanket with the lights off, earplugs in and a throbbing head. While my summer cold finally seems to have subsided, I have one mother of a migraine that’s making me see spots.

So in the interest of not making myself any more miserable, here’s a bop I had on repeat before today’s turbulence. Here’s hoping you find it just as obsession-worthy:

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday weekend ahead. Have fun, be safe and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do (on social media)!

WO: Weekly Obsessions

This week is far from being less of a dumpster fire, but I’m trying to embrace it and just get on through to the upcoming long weekend. 9 days and counting, folks.

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  1. Candle-Making Class: My SF bestie recently treated me to this awesome experience for my birthday — yes, that’s indicative of how busy we both are. WorkshopSF has plenty of DIY classes to choose from, but I couldn’t think of a better topic for us to tackle. We each made two candles, and personally, I think our scents were the best. #NotBiased
  2. An Exorcist Lecture: When the country’s leading exorcist lives nearby and gives a lecture at your church, you just have to go. I had no expectations going into the night, so imagine my surprise when we had a show within the show! The two elderly women in front of us (in the second row, mind you!) argued endlessly about leaving and provided pure entertainment.
  3. Dogs of the Dogpatch: My dear friend Sarah is one of the most creative and inspiring people I know, and her new series of pup portraits is on display at MiniBar until October 1. We celebrated her opening night last week, where nearly all of the original paintings were sold! Two paws way up, friend.
  4. “Hella Good” – No Doubt: Some colleagues and I were discussing various geographical phrases we can’t shake. Wicked, hella, you get the idea. And while I truly can’t stand the California catchphrase, I also can’t escape it so I might as well embrace it. At least it’s not as bad as Gwen Stefani’s worst work in the history of music, right?

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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’m not saying this week is a dumpster fire but I am saying my scheduled 8 hours off Friday for a camping trip is now being used for a mental health day, instead. #PTOhhMyGod

It’s possible I’ve taken on too much, between managing a team of 10 (who create literally 100+ pieces/month), co-chairing a Junior League committee of 15, plus being actively involved with sorority and Book Club and other social commitments. But for some reason, I can’t ever seem to just be… or say “No” as much as I think I do.

Even canceling most of this week’s plans leaves me double-booked for tomorrow night. Lolz.

On Friday (aside from laundry and groceries and getting back to inbox zero), I plan to get a massage, maybe a mani/pedi and finish the third book of the Dragon Tattoo series. Or maybe I’ll just sleep the whole day and not beat myself up for the downtime.

I might even be lucky enough to kick this summer cold to the curb once and for all!

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