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WO: Weekly Obsessions

To say I’m delirious would be an understatement. Restless nights coupled with funtivities and overall exertion have resulted in one very loopy Wittyburg. I’d like to say I’m closer to sanity than spiraling out of control … but I’m not holding my breath.

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  1. Father’s Day: It’s about time we celebrate the main men in our lives, huh? I’m sending Slick Rick lots of love and a little something special to remind him how much he means to us.
  2. Awkward Family Photos: I couldn’t believe I hadn’t yet covered this site, a favorite of mine — especially back in 2009. So many awkward arm shelves, so little time!
  3. Frying Pan: I attended a birthday dinner at this spot last week — gorgeous views of the city, tasty chargrilled burgers and even clean bathrooms! My only issue was with the cost of beer, but such is life I s’pose.
  4. “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” – Marvin Gaye f. Tammi Terrell: You know when you just need a really good cry? Ladies, you feel me. This song always reminds me of “Stepmom,” which in turn gets the waterworks flowing.

Right, Marvin? Right, Tammi.

Images courtesy of: Mashable/someecards, AFP, New York Daily Photo, Us Weekly

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Remember how, a few weeks back, I was all about Adele’s “Skyfall”? Well, scratch that. It’s been stuck in my head since SATURDAY when I saw the Bond flick with my parents. I need it out like, yesterday. Distractions have come in these four forms:

  1. The Hall of Shame: Being home for a few days allowed me a trip down memory lane, AKA the hallway of photos that so elegantly displays my most awkward years. Glad to see I never grew out of those cheeks.
  2. Curative Massage: Also in my hometown? This local favorite. The husband-and-wife duo are as friendly as they are soothing. It was just the thing I needed after a hellish few weeks.
  3. Stella & Dot: As much as I loved the essie + BaubleBar giveaway, I’m even more excited for a S&D event I’m hosting Saturday. Shop online for awesome stocking stuffers — shipping only takes 3 to 5 days!
  4. FratMusic: An old friend convinced me to buy this app after drinking heavily, and it’s been a good buy. Playlists like Broin’ Out and Hoin’ Out have hilarious subcategories and awesome mash-ups.

Party on.

 Images courtesy of: Magz’ Archives, Benefits of Massage, Stella & Dot, YouTube