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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I don’t know if it’s possible to put in any more hours than I have the past few weeks. Between my day job, freelance and getting the apartment in shape, I am le tired. Me, me, me. Wah, wah, wah.

Let’s make this quick, then, shall we?:

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  1. Subway Time: If you’re like me and perpetually late, then this little app is a gem from the fickle MTA gods. Do you need to book it or can you take a Sunday stroll? Check how long you have to make your next train; available for select lines.
  2. My Life (So Far) Without a Date: It seems like everyone in my generation is happily coupled up, well on their way to marriage and 2.3 perfect kids. This piece from Refinery 29 excerpts Kate Heaney’s novel that reassures us solo riders that — hey, we’re pretty great (and normal).
  3. Cascabel Taqueria: Unlimited mimosas, spicy margaritas and other libations + tasty Mexican food + walking distance from my apartment = the perfect brunch. The Benedict dishes are served on cornbread. Need I say more?
  4.  “Counting Stars” – OneRepublic: I really, really didn’t want to like this song. And while it still doesn’t make me want to buy a car or whatever other product it’s selling for the millionth time, I have to admit: I’m a fan.

 Images courtesy of: iTunes, Barnes & Noble, Cascabel Taqueria, Wikipedia 

Well, I Guess This Is Growing Up

Courtesy of someecards.com

Moving to New York has helped me realize that I am officially, sort of, a grown-up. I’ve always had an independent spirit, but I’m learning each day how to do more on my own — often screwing things up along the way.*

Some highlights of my quasi-adulthood:

  • Few things excite me more now than selecting home decor.
  • I filed my taxes in FEBRUARY, not April (or October).
  • Justin Bieber hosted + performed on SNL, and I felt nothing. Nothing!
  • I’m washing my hair more often. Like, twice a week now.
  • My bed was made every day this week for the first time since … ever.

Rest assured, I’m balancing all this maturity with weekend benders in Brooklyn and drunk purchases on etsy. But knowing I can handle some things I’d never managed before is pretty cool too.

*Exhibit A: This post was scheduled yesterday. I couldn’t bring myself to hit “Publish” after leaving my desk keys at home and being rendered useless for the first half of the workday.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’ve been told no less than 10 times already this week that I look tired. Thanks, “friends.” Combine that with the fact that I ate chocolate cake for breakfast and am quickly finding the five pounds I lost last week? Killing it.


  1. Calming Manatee: What goes great with chocolate cake at 9 a.m.? A manatee to make you feel better about yourself. Co-worker and travel compadre, Kaley, introduced me to it and I can’t stop summoning.
  2. Instagram: I kind of cheated with this one, but I did just get an account and have since enjoyed the app. Besides, I make my own rules.
  3. Second Lunch: This comic-based blog just gets me. From roommate issues to engagement overload, it’s all covered — here and here, respectively — and it’s all so good.
  4. “Block after Block” – Matt & Kim: No matter the day I’ve had or how little sleep I’ve gotten, this song always makes me smile. It’s perfect for blowing off steam (do you see what I did there?).

Hey, look at that — one step closer to sleep and ridding myself of this exhausted expression.

Images courtesy of: Calming Manatee, Inside Facebook, Second Lunch, RCRD LBL