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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s rained for the past week in SF — and despite how much I’m getting use out of my adorable rain boots —  I’m reeeally ready for it to stop. Still, I’ll take it over the polar vortex’s crushing temperatures any day. Also brightening my mood? These little lovelies:

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. THIS Watch: I finally decided to retire my rose gold watch that’s been (fashionably) tarnished for a few years. My first day wearing Betsey Johnson’s beautiful creation has made me smile nonstop.
  2. “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”: The first-ever scripted series from Bravo is endlessly entertaining. From its controversial advertising to a killer soundtrack and biting dialogue, I see many seasons in this show’s future.
  3. DOSA SF: One of my first forays into Indian food was pure magic, thanks to the incredible flavors and huge portions at DOSA SF. The menu is huge, so I already know I’ll be back soon to try even more delicacies.
  4. “This Is My Wish” – Kevin Ross: This Motown crooner’s voice litchrlly gave me chills. Fast-forward past the Glad campaign nonsense … then sit back, relax and listen to a lovely holiday tune.

Images courtesy of: Macy’s, The Wrap, DOSA SF, iTunes

Down the Rabbit Hole

We’re all familiar with the story of Alice and her time in Wonderland. You may have seen the Disney version as a child, or you may have been captivated by Tim Burton’s take. One thing’s for sure, either way: The girl’s got style.

From whimsical designs to high-energy lyrics, it seems like Alice and crew are popping up everywhere. Just today, I received an invite for a bridal shower that was Alice-inspired.

The Queen of Hearts is one of my favorite characters, and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Heads Will Roll” will make you want your own army. I added it to my gym playlist to keep me going — I just can’t stop moving when I hear a beat like this.

Betsey Johnson is known for her eclectic design aesthetic, and her watch collection is no exception. I received the silver version for Christmas, and I purchased this black one a few months later. Obsessed much? The numbers are too fanciful to pass up. Try eBay to snag your own at a great price.

Weddings don’t have to be stuffy affairs when you’ve got a bride with Alice fever. Though from different events, this cake and entryway are perfect for celebrating the child in us all.


Finally, this creation is just too amazeballs to not purchase. anthropologie rarely disappoints, and this one-lump-or-two lamp is a perfect conversation piece. I happen to know someone’s birthday is coming up … wonder who will be gifting this to her?

Whatever your take on Wonderland may be, can we at least all agree that Johnny Depp should only wear makeup as Captain Jack Sparrow?


I mean, is there really any comparison?

Bonus video: Since I mentioned him, I have to include The Lonely Island’s genius hit. Now back to the good part!