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WO: Weekly Obsessions

It’s rained for the past week in SF — and despite how much I’m getting use out of my adorable rain boots —  I’m reeeally ready for it to stop. Still, I’ll take it over the polar vortex’s crushing temperatures any day. Also brightening my mood? These little lovelies:

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  1. THIS Watch: I finally decided to retire my rose gold watch that’s been (fashionably) tarnished for a few years. My first day wearing Betsey Johnson’s beautiful creation has made me smile nonstop.
  2. “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce”: The first-ever scripted series from Bravo is endlessly entertaining. From its controversial advertising to a killer soundtrack and biting dialogue, I see many seasons in this show’s future.
  3. DOSA SF: One of my first forays into Indian food was pure magic, thanks to the incredible flavors and huge portions at DOSA SF. The menu is huge, so I already know I’ll be back soon to try even more delicacies.
  4. “This Is My Wish” – Kevin Ross: This Motown crooner’s voice litchrlly gave me chills. Fast-forward past the Glad campaign nonsense … then sit back, relax and listen to a lovely holiday tune.

Images courtesy of: Macy’s, The Wrap, DOSA SF, iTunes

WO: Weekly Obsessions

So, um. I move to San Fran in TEN DAYS. To say I’m ready would be a flat-out lie, so let’s just keep on procrastinating with these four finds:

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  1. FALL.: That’s right, white girls can officially rejoice in a few days because the weather is changing and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are back! I’m personally just excited to sweat a little bit less … call me crazy.
  2. New York Fashion Week: With the emergence of fall also comes NYFW — a shining, glittering beacon for all the aspiring Miranda Priestlys of the world. I’m not super in-tune with the trends, but this color palette has me admittedly giddy.
  3. Van Diemens: I can’t believe I’ve never publicly obsessed over this bar … it’s been a steadfast go-to for a solid year! My alumni group hosts events here, and it’s also where my going-away party will be Saturday night 😥
  4. “Here I Go Again” – Audra Mae: I heard a snippet of this cover during a Bravo promo, and I am totally hooked. It’s raw and real, and I can’t get her voice outta my head.

Images courtesy of: Emain Skin & Body, Fashion Magazine, Facebook, Earbits

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I stayed home sick from work today, which means I’m now wired because I slept off the intense nausea I had throughout the night. TMI? Didn’t think so.

So what else is there to do when bedridden all day? Clear the DVR, of course.

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  1. “Drunk History”: What do you get when you mix drunk people talking about the past with celebrated actors reenacting those stories (and lip-synching along)? Answer: This hilarious historical gem.
  2. “Chopped”: Of course I love cooking shows, because I’ve used my oven once. This one is a weekly battle between four different chefs, tasked to reinvent mystery ingredients. Fascinating, to say the least.
  3. “I Love the 2000s”: Britney! Nelly! Balloon Boy! VH1’s iconic series takes on the new millenium, and the result is so ridiculously satisfying. Episodes are on demand … and kind of just on all the time.
  4. “Ladies of London”: I know, I know. I hate myself enough for all of us, but I’m HOOKED on this stupid Bravo show. The drama is so ridiculous, and I just can’t stop watching. God save the Queen, indeed.

Not sold on these obsessions? Just enjoy this segment from a recent episode of “Drunk History”:

Images courtesy of: Comedy Central, Food Network, VH1, Bravo

WO: Weekly Obsessions

We’re almost halfway through 2014, people. Can you believe it? I thought summer days were supposed to be long and lazy, but I was apparently mistaken.

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  1. Cousins Take Over!: 2 of my cousins from Florida visited all last week, and they covered more ground than I thought humanly possible. From Broadway shows (four!) to Yankee Stadium, they took Manhattan by storm.
  2. FIFA World Cup: Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know the World Cup is providing tons of highlights and heartache. From the hottest players to this one who thinks he’s Hannibal Lecter, the drama is nonstop. And, of course: USA! USA! USA!
  3. “The People’s Couch”: I’m a sucker for all things Bravo, and this little gem is no exception. Watch various groups of people watch TV — sounds silly, right? Well, it is … but it’s also incredibly entertaining. New episodes air Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EST.
  4. Baby Girl Argues with Bulldog: This just might be the cutest baby video (except for ones with my niece) ever. Her hand gestures really sell the point that she is NOT happy with the family pet. Enjoy!

Images courtesy of: Mah iPhone, Wikipedia, Kickass, TSM

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I’d like to say the week has improved drastically since my Murphy’s Law Monday, but I’m a terrible liar. To keep my head from spinning off “Exorcist” style, here’s what has kept my membrane sane.

If you can’t identify Betty in this picture, you need to revaluate your life.

Betty White: I’ve adored Bets since I started watching late-night reruns of “The Golden Girls” a decade ago. The theme song is my ringtone AND I have a koozie of these women, for fuck’s sake. Magz gave me “If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won’t)” for my birthday, and I’ve since rekindled my love for the old bag of bones. Thank you for being a friend, indeed.

Food. What? All of the other pictures have captions.

EVOS:One saving grace about this week was today’s lunch, brought to me by the mall food court. I was too lazy (again) to go to the grocery store — get off my back already. After a bit of a wait, the manager gave us $10 gift cards for the inconvenience. That’ll cover one meal, which is just fiiine by me.

Not the boy from gym. But oh, how I wish it were.

Smexy Boy at Gym: OK, “obsession” is a little strong, considering we just met. And by met, I mean that I creepily watched from afar as he stretched it out this morning to the beat of the booming slow jamz. I don’t know if it was an intentional break from the trance/pop/rock mix they normally have on, but I welcomed it with open arms. Bow-chicka-wow-wow.

I actually think Alex is the least tolerable, but how great is this shot?

Real Housewives: From the insane first half of the New York reunion to this week’s hilarious New Jersey ep to the triumphant return of Beverly Hills (thanks, Rachel, for alerting me to the promo!), I am all about the RH empire.

Soon to come: Another band I love, maybe some more Witty in Fitty. I can tell you’re peeing your pants with excitement.