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WO: Weekly Obsessions

I somehow survived Celine and Christina and my time in the desert but came back with a wicked cough and nonstop sneezes. Ain’t that how it always is? Enjoy a few days away, come back miserable.

Le sigh.

In the absence of things I’m over-the-top excited about this week (no tastebuds will do that to you), here are a few things that have kept me smiling, in no particular order:

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Here we are, another Wednesday come and (mostly) gone, and what do I have to show for it?

Y’all, I am beyond tired from what I believe are adult onset allergies, plus the fear of serving jury duty, and a little thing called “work-life balance” going out the window. When meditation isn’t enough, I’m finding furry friends to soothe my soul.

Thankfully, the fine journalists at BuzzFeed (WINK!) have curated plenty of scrollable content to ooh and ahh over.

Some recent fave finds:

Image Courtesy of Twitter

Now, don’t you feel better? Point me to your favorite posts so I can peep them when I can’t sleep tonight.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Maybe it’s the influx of new parents on my FB stalker feed. Maybe it’s missing my niece something fierce. Maybe it’s just that I have finally found a soft spot for (some) children.

Whatever the reason, here are some little nugs keeping me entertained this week: 

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Allison: I’ve been obsessed with my niece for almost a year now — ask any of my friends — but I’m going through serious withdrawals lately. Just look at that faaaace. Do you wanna see 500 more photos? Inquire within.
  2. The “Apparently Kid”: This viral video features a young gingery boy who has the vernacular of an old-timer. His explanation of riding the super slide is to die for!
  3. Baby Cries Until You Let Her Rage to Katy Perry: My dear friend shared this video, because it reminded him of Allison. It’s reassuring to know I’ll be a great babysitter if it just takes pop music to make her happy.
  4. “Dark Horse” – Katy Perry: Well, obviously. I enjoyed the song (quietly) for some time, but I guess I can now make my obsession public. If it means it’ll stop a baby’s wailing, I’m all about it, KP.

 Images courtesy of: Family, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail, RNB Exclusive

WO: Weekly Obsessions

I don’t know if it’s those damn Facebook movies or the fact that I thought it was Thursday till just now … but I’m feeling rather nostalgic. This week’s obsessions are all dug from the archives of my brain — enjoy the throwbacks!

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. Fantasy by Britney Spears: If you were a teen (or parent of a teen) within the past decade, then YOU KNOW this scent. It hit me like a ton of bricks in the ladies’ room earlier, and I was instantly transported back to choking on it freshman year. Good grief.
  2. 10 Pictures that Prove Bruno Mars Is Actually Powerline from “A Goofy Movie”: Say that 10 times fast. But seriously, there is no arguing the resemblance.
  3.  “One Fine Day”: George Clooney can do no wrong — naysayers of “Batman & Robin” can suck it. He and Michelle Pfeiffer make the perfect rom-com couple in this ‘90s classic about a terrible day made worse.
  4.  “Slam Dunk (Da Funk)” – Five: My team brainstormed for an upcoming basketball project and all we could think of was this classic jam from middle school birthday parties. Not even ashamed, not even a little bit.

Kick butt!

If you must have the full version.

Images courtesy of: Fabulous Finds, BuzzFeed, Total Film, Wikipedia

WO: Weekly Obsessions

Waking up early has never been my thing, but it’s been a particular challenge as of late. I suppose it’s the downside to being such a social-butterfly-slash-workaholic. No matter the excuse — here we go with this week’s obsessions:

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. See Jane Work: After eight months at my current gig, I figured it was time to add some flair to my desk. These office essentials are stylish, yet functional — just the way I like it!
  2. Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker: What girl from my generation didn’t have this delicious lip balm at her immediate disposal? It reminds me so much of a dear childhood friend who I’m missing more than ever. ‘Nuff said.
  3. 35 Life Lessons We Learned from “Heavyweights”: BODDY! I’ve seen this movie an estimated 35 times, so it’s only fitting I learn something from each viewing. Kenan, GOLDBERG and Stiller combine for a wickedly funny family(?) flick.
  4. “Let’s Skip to the Good Part” – He Is We: I thought this was a new single from Natasha Bedingfield, but Pandora opened my eyes to the error of my ways. To say I’m obsessed is putting it mildly.


Images courtesy of: See Jane WorkPolyvoreBuzzFeed, DailyMotion

WO: Weekly Obsessions

A combination of alcohol, friends visiting and stressful workdays have sucked the life out of me. I’m not necessarily complaining, but I am giving myself an excuse for the blogging rut I’ve been in. I swear (à la All 4 One) that I’ll be back to regular posts very soon. Forgive me, via these four finds?

Image Credits Listed Below

  1. 24 Vines that You’ll Watch Over and Over Again: I haven’t gotten into the whole six-second video trend yet, but BuzzFeed compiled this list of greatest hits for us to enjoy. I can’t even handle #13, even after watching it approximately 30 times.
  2. My Friends Are Married: Most 20-somethings can relate to this tumblr, which pokes fun at all the engaged, married and pregnant people in our single, supposed-to-be-miserable lives. Check out the hilarious — and often truthful — observations.
  3. The Faux Milania G: Any fan of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is familiar with Teresa and Joe Giudice’s demon daughter, Milania. Her parody Twitter account is as insane as it is entertaining, especially because plenty of idiots think it’s an actual 7-year-old tweeting.
  4. “Follow Your Arrow” – Kacey Musgraves: Country newcomer Musgraves made quite the splash with her debut album, Same Trailer Different Park. It is any wonder I’ve had this spicy single on repeat lately?

Follow your arrow wherever it points.

Images courtesy of: Vine, My Friends Are Married, But You’re Like Really Pretty, Vimeo

Witty in Fitty: Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Courtesy of Hark.com

I understand I’m warm-blooded.

But you can’t tell me 30-degree weather is comfortable.

Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Thankfully, BuzzFeed is here to help.

And Zooey + Will too.

Because what else can you do in freezing temperatures?

Courtesy of Skuuzi.com

Well, um …

Go to a bar? Good enough reason for me.

WO: Weekly Obsessions

The problem with traveling and experiencing incredible new things each day is that coming back to reality sucks. It’s been a few weeks since Panama and Costa Rica, and plenty of exciting things have happened — but nothing quite as exhilarating as exploring new territory. Lucky for me, I’ve got these to keep my mind occupied elsewhere:

  1. “Workaholics”: I’m late to the game on this one, but I’ve just started watching this season and am in love. Ders, Blake and my fave — Adam — give Peter, Michael and Samir a run for their money.
  2. Halls Causamento Contest: Entering a Facebook contest to marry a complete stranger in Vegas sounds like my kinda party. Those wacky Brazilians sure know how to make a statement!
  3. The Real Way People Clean Their Homes: I’m not the tidiest person around, but this comic makes me feel as close to normal as possible. The bedroom example = story of my life.
  4. “Ted”: Put the creator of “Family Guy” as an animated teddy bear living together with Marky Mark and Mila Kunis, and what do you get? This summer’s funniest comedy … calling it now. Watch the restricted trailer, but make sure you’ve got headphones.

Till next time, my friends.

Images courtesy of Comedy Central, AdAge, BuzzFeed, Pop Goes the Week

A Thousand Words

You know those days when you just need a good pick-me-up and for everyone else to leave their drama at the door? You may know them as Mondays — and today was no exception.

Enter the following picture, which has kept me smiling since first laying eyes upon it:

I kept it up in my browser all day. Every annoying interaction, every clench of my fists, every roll of my eyes … all deftly swept away after clicking back to this.

Pictures are worth a thousand words and all that, but I’ll stop at a hundo. Is your life changed? Boo-yah!

WO: Weekly Obsessions

What day is it? Where am I? Sleep-deprived zombiehood has its benefits … I’m currently impervious to pain and devoid of rational thought. There’s hope for me, yet — these things may be enough to resurrect me.

  1. Kristen’s Brain Tumor Battle: This young nurse, wife and mother of two was diagnosed with a brain tumor during her last pregnancy, so I jumped at the chance  to support in her fight. You can help too!
  2. Pug Alphabet: Thank you, Bah Humpug, for creating what this world was missing: an assortment of letters, formed by roly-poly pug babies! Changed my life, plain and simple.
  3. Busty Girl Problems: There’s a certain responsibility that comes with being well-endowed in the chest department — just ask Joan Harris. This list covers the “woe is me” we busty girls face.
  4. “New Soul” by Yael Naim: I first heard it sampled in Girl Talk’s “No Pause,“  and I kept smiling through those few seconds every time. The entire song is all warm and fuzzy goodness.

Some laughs and a few tears later, I might just return to normal. Well, what my version of normal is, anyway. And if these don’t do the trick, then 2-for-1 drinks absolutely will. Salud!

Poor video quality, but a perfect song

Images courtesy of: Go Fund Me, BuzzFeed, BuzzFeed, Jewish Journal