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WO: Weekly Obsessions

Despite the end of the Olympics, I am hanging in there. (The viral meme of McKayla Maroney and BuzzFeed’s post-Olympic coverage help.) Onto new obsessions we go:

  1. Shark Week: I’ve never really gotten into this annual obsession with all things sharky, but it’s the 25th year of scaring people out of the water so I figure it deserves a nod. Duuun-dun, duuun-dun.
  2. Slick Rick: Today is the 17th anniversary of my dad’s stroke, and about the zillionth day I’ve been thankful for his survival. Here’s looking at you, big guy. You’re a total BA.
  3. Best of the Bay 2012: Creative Loafing’s contest returns with the chance to name your local favorites. Hint: I know a really good blog … plus this food blog, brewery, non-profit and photographer.
  4. Beauty and the Beat: Many thanks to my friend, Jonathon, who introduced me to this parody of a Disney classic. Ghetto fab and fun, it’s the best of both worlds — unlike that Hannah Montana chick.

Images courtesy of: Oceana, CL Tampa, Facebook, Rickey

WO: Weekly Obsessions

September is ridiculously busy and packed with celebrations, and this Wittyburg girl is ex.haus.ted. This month is flying by, but I don’t know if I’m ready for October yet! Let’s slow down a bit and enjoy these little guys:

“Always Sunny” Returns: Kitten Mittens. Dee’s dance moves. Fat Mac. Dennis and Dee go on welfare. The green man. I can’t possibly cover everything I love about this show, but I am so, so excited for it to come back tomorrow. Plus, I’m totally in love with Charlie Day. Bring it on, boiz!

Maybelline The Falsies Flared: Unless headed to the gym, I will not leave the house without mascara on — it’s the one piece of makeup that I think makes or breaks a face. I use a coat of CoverGirl LashBlast Volume for prep, but The Falsies Flared takes my lashes to another level. Can you legally marry mascara?

Anderson Cooper: This silver fox has been a favorite of mine for some time, but I feel like he’s just recently made a real name for himself as a resident hottie. Not only was his reaction to poop jokes hysterical (watch the video), but his daytime talk show starts soon. I couldn’t be happier.

Cigar City Brewing: Brother’s birthday is Friday, and we’re celebrating at his favorite watering hole. Although we won’t be at Cigar City’s home base in Tampa, we’ll be downing some of its signature brews in celebration. Cheers, you old fart. Love you x a million growlers.

If you blinked while reading this, we’re already in October. It happened that quickly.